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The heart attack that changed my life forever,


So here i am 26 yrs. old driving down hwy 635 in Dallas Tx at 75 miles per hour. Then all of and sudden BOOM!!! My heart started to jump, shake, tremor, pound in my chest. All the hair stood up on my arms and back of my neck. Im having a heart attack and i am only 26 yrs old WTF!!! Thats all i could think about was that i was about to die and crash on the freeway. 

I started to breath deeply in and out like a pregnant woman. I finally made it home walked inside laid on the couch and relaxed best i could. I was to embarrassed to call 911. What was i going to tell them that i am 26 and im having a heart attack? As i forced myself to pick up the phone i remembered the company i was working for had a 24hr nurse line. I called them and they said that my body is probabley just trying to get used to the asthma medication i was taking and that this was just a possible side affect from this asthma medication.

So after that phone call i walked to the pantry and read the pamplet that came along with this medication and it said that the side affects can include cardiac arrest and even death. My heart sank to the floor i could not believe what i was reading. And this is the day that changed my life forever. 

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